About Us

It all started with seedlings of vision and inspiration

Founded in 2018, Tourismo PH envisioned a company that is committed in energizing and revolutionizing travel and tourism industry through events, innovations and technological advances. Since 2002, we have travelled to different parts of the Philippines with all of its exciting and idyllic tourist hotspots. These stellar and world class destinations, however, are sometimes underrated due to absence of in-depth knowledge and passion towards travel and tourism industry and its effect to the local people and economy.

Filled with excitement and inspiration, Mr. Michael Herrera draws a brilliant idea (a collaboration of his passion for events and technology an advocacy to boost the travel industry and its sustainability) and formed Tourismo.

Tourismo as an enabler and the game changer in the local travel and tourism industry

Finally established and incorporated in November 2018, Tourismo PH is now a prime mover company that combines digital advancement with tourism and all other related industries in the Philippines. The company uses a state of the art and advanced technology to create an innovative platform that will provide comprehensive services to both local and international tourists. From transportation, accommodation, tour packages, events and business opportunities for MSMEs while keeping the safety and security of its tourists, TourismoPH will switch up travel experience to a whole new level of fun and convenience.

The pioneers

In order to turn this idea into a moving reality, Mr. Herrera has to gather the right people who will be the backbone of the company—people from different walks of life and expertise but share the same advocacy, people who are willing to embrace the responsibilities all throughout the journey.